A touch of Mercury

invite every iteration 

of this fiendishly capricious,

but really,

sorely misunderstood god[dess] –

you may know them

going by the name of 


with the coins flipping through her fingers 

and eyes sparkling with gold…

lady luck, 

with the lovely scent of fortune trailing in her wake –

over for tea. 


From Etymology online, the earliest meaning of the word Mammon:

personification of riches and worldliness, mid-14c., from Late Latin mammona, from Ecclesiastical Greek mamōnas, from Aramaic mamona, mamon “riches, gain;” a word left untranslated in Greek New Testament (Matthew vi.24, Luke xvi.9-13), retained in the Vulgate, and regarded mistakenly by medieval Christians as the name of a demon who leads men to covetousness.


I took the creative liberty of re-casting Mammon as the feminine and mischievous personification of wealth, with a touch of Mercury…

the messenger god of commerce, travel, trickery, wealth pertaining to luck, communication and wilyness with words… belonging to the Roman pantheon. He reminds me a little of Loki from Norse mythology… but only as far as the trickery goes.