Life, music and beauty

Ferocious waves striking the shore, echoing off the cliffs. The space of echoes. (soundcloud link) That was the imagery I kept getting, half a year later. And I can understand why.

This was was the last thing I wrote for months, in LogicX with sample pianos.  Half a year later I’m like… I love this. I love the layers, clarity and imperfection. 

I love the moments of doubt and insecurity too. I love the moments where I turn around and ask, why? I love all the whispers of this humanness. 

I feel like an alien sometimes, in love with the beauty and the sadness of this world more than this world in its everyday reality. 

I love how beautiful the wilderness is, the melancholy and the darkness, the rapture and the joy, the erotic and the sensual, nature and the feminine and the world, stops feeling like a race to somewhere. I love the moments of clarity.  

I read this metaphor, about two boys, in America and Peru, who both see a mountain. One boy sees the profits he will make by mining it and the other sees Pachamama. I still get goosebumps when I think about that. it illustrated for me… that the way we see something, changes how we interact with it… changes our behaviour… and changes the trajectory of our lives.