When you said yes


I love the moments of silence that are here, 

the trebles and the wobbles, 

the tipped toes and the high brows, 

with the skin stretched over bones, 

over years 

like a cathedral – 

one brick at a time. 


over there in the temple of flowers,

the leaves whip by in the wind

and soar into the tipped outline of feathered wings – 

they do this every day,

somewhat cheekily as they tickle by your ears

and ask, are you my tree?


today your otherness is meeting the dawn,

all the other ness’s too –

your highness, your lowness, your softness, your hardness –

today they’re all awash with skin, fingers, eyes and lips. 


the world looks fiery with the light of every human being 

in every way of being

why did you said yes,

to the possibilities and the drama?


You laugh and say, exactly. 



3 thoughts on “When you said yes”

  1. Sand. I apologise for not responding properly to your comment on that Aurelius post I put up. I plan to rewrite it someday after doing a lot of research. Your poetry is wonderful. Would you be interested in joining an artistic collective? Me and a friend founded it on WP a few years ago. We’ve gathered around 250 followers and we’ve had so many writers contribute or become members over the years. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll give you the details.

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    1. Thank you. That’s really kind of you to say. ☺️

      I’d love to. I’m honoured you asked.

      I figured maybe my comment triggered some thoughts for you and suddenly you weren’t happy with the post. I’d be really curious to re-read your rewritten piece someday. 😊

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      1. No. It had nothing to do with your comment. I realised how crazy it is to post a review of a book you’d read ages ago and forgotten about! I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join us 😊 Can you contact me? I’ll post a link here so that you can check the site out. Let me know what you think https://theliteratimafia.com

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